Officer Memorial

Anthony Lucas Headstone

Choctaw County Sheriff's Office
Anthony D. Lucas, MDOC Probation Officer & French Camp Police Chief
Age: 32
Years of Service: 7 years
End of Watch: Friday, February 4, 2005
Cause: Gunfire

Howard Hagwood Howard Hagwood Plaque

Forrest County Sheriff's Office
Howard Lee Hagwood
End of Watch: Thursday, September 15, 1927 (died on Saturday, October 1, 1927)
Cause: Hit by a train

Stewart Coates Stewart Coates Plaque

Forrest County Sheriff's Office
Stewart G. Coates
End of Watch: Thursday, March 23, 1933
Cause: Gunfire

Frederick Humphrey Frederick Humphrey Plaque

Forrest County Sheriff's Office
Frederick (Cotton) Humphrey
End of Watch: Friday, March 26, 1965
Cause: Traffic stop

Johnny Watts Johnny Watts Plaque

Forrest County Sheriff's Office
Johnny B. Watts
End of Watch: Wednesday, December 15, 1976
Cause: Traffic accident

John Klem John Klem Plaque

Forrest County Sheriff's Office
John R. Klem, III
End of Watch: Sunday, September 15, 1985 (died Monday, September 30, 1985)
Cause: Gunfire

Earl Phillips Earl Phillips with dog

Harrison County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Earl Wesley Phillips
End of Watch: Monday, February 19, 1973
Description: Patrolman Earl Phillips was shot and killed after stopping a juvenile he observed speeding in a suspicious car on Landon Road north of Gulfport, Mississippi.

At the time of the murder the suspect was AWOL from the US Army. He had returned to his home county and was staying with his parents. Prior to the murder he had been told Deputy Phillips had been asking about a vehicle that matched the description of the one the suspect was driving. The suspect told several people if he came into contact with Deputy Phillips or any other officer he would kill him.

On the day of the murder Deputy Phillips was on patrol and passed the suspect, who was driving the suspicious vehicle. Deputy Phillips turned around and began pursuit of the suspect, which ended when the suspect wrecked his vehicle.

Deputy Phillips came upon the crash, exited his patrol car and went to check on the suspect. The suspect exited the overturned vehicle and shot Deputy Phillips in the abdomen once with a shotgun loaded with #1 buckshot. Deputy Phillips, who was unarmed at the time of the incident, died at the scene.

 The suspect fled in the patrol car and made his way back to his parents' house. He was arrested there by officers a short time later and confessed to the murder after being encouraged to do so by his father. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Deputy Phillips had served with the agency for 20 years.

Kemper County Sheriff's Office
Constable John O'Brien
End of Watch: 1906

Kemper County Sheriff's Office
Constable John O'Brien
End of Watch: 1906

Kemper County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Michael McKee
End of Watch: 1997

Kemper County Sheriff's Office
Deputy William Walters
End of Watch: 2007

Leflore County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Melvin "Buster" Brown, Jr.
Age: 45
End of Watch: Monday, April 18, 1994
Description: Deputy Melvin "Buster" Brown, Jr. was shot to death while investigating a domestic complaint near Itta Bena in Leflore County.

William Durr

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
Deputy William Durr
Brookhaven, Mississippi
End of Watch: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Deputy William Durr died in the line of duty on May 28, 2017. Deputy Durr responded to a call on Lee Drive regarding needing a male subject removed from the property. The male subject shot and killed Deputy Durr and went on to kill 7 more individuals before being arrested that morning.

Born with a soul that had the Courage to wear the Badge, Deputy Durr had been saving, serving, and protecting the People as a Law Enforcement Officer for 4 years. He worked with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office for two years. Prior to coming to work at the Sheriff's Office, William worked at the Brookhaven Police Department. He had recently completed the DARE officer training and was set to begin working with the kids later that year. He had a love for God, his family and working with kids in the community. William leaves behind his beloved wife, Tressie, his son Nash, his mother Debbie and sister Megan.

Our Brother, as you now patrol the streets of Heaven, may you continue your vigilant watch over us all as we carry on In Our Brother's Honor. We thank you for your service and for your sacrifices. We thank you for your life. Job well done sir.

Marion County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff J.V. Polk
End of Watch: Friday, April 22, 1960

Marion County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Jerry Bryant
End of Watch: Thursday, January 5, 1984

Marion County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Edgar Harrell
End of Watch: Sunday, June 1, 1997

Marion County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Vernon L. Long
End of Watch: Saturday, August 31, 2002

Prentiss County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Sheriff Michael Dale Hisaw
End of Watch: Thursday, March 11, 1999
Cause: Gunfire
Age: 27
Years of Service: 3

Description: Officer Hisaw was making a felony traffic stop of a suspect involved earlier in a 911 disturbance call. As Deputy Hisaw approached the vehicle, the suspect shot the officer three times. The suspect then returned to his own residence and committed suicide. Deputy Hisaw was survived by his parents Jerry and Jo Carol Hisaw and a Brother.

Clint Frazier

Union County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Clinton H. Frazier
Start Date: January 2012
End of Watch: Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Cause: Vehicle Pursuit