Message from the President


Jasper County, Randy Johnson

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow sheriffs for selecting me as President of the Mississippi Sheriffs' Association. To be selected by your peers to lead an organization that unites the 82 county law enforcement agencies of Mississippi is a tremendous honor and humbling experience.

     The Mississippi Sheriffs' Association was founded in 1981 with the purpose of providing sheriffs throughout the state with professional development and training opportunities in order to better serve the citizens of Mississippi. When I was elected sheriff of Jasper County in 2016, the support and information I received from this organization and fellow sheriffs was invaluable. As President, I intend to bring my 35 years of law enforcement experience to help grow this organization, while continuing to provide sheriffs throughout the state with the support I was so fortunate to have received in my first years as sheriff.

     We must never forget the oaths we took to serve and protect the citizens of Mississippi. Together, we can overcome the challenges we face each day by supporting and learning from one another. I am truly honored to have been chosen as President of the Mississippi Sheriffs' Association, and I look forward to working with the sheriffs and counties throughout the state.

Sheriff Randy Johnson
Mississippi Sheriffs' Association President