A Home for Brad

Sep 09, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021

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On September 5, 2019, Madison County Deputy Sheriff Brad Sullivan was shot twice in the head while pursuing a kidnapping suspect. Since that day, he has undergone numerous surgeries, medical treatments, and rehabilitation sessions as he tries to recover and address the ongoing paralysis on his left side. Deputy Sullivan's care will continue for some time, and he still has responsibilities to attend to as the father of two children, one of whom is now attending college.

As is true with most physical disabilities, ongoing expenses associated with an injury of this magnitude make prioritizing a livable home fall way down the to-do list. Deputy Brad Sullivan suffers paralysis to his left side and regularly uses a wheelchair. He has retrofitted and engineered as much as he can on his own, including his personal vehicle, but it's not hard to imagine the limitations that come with not having a properly ADA compliant home.

A Home for Brad is a product of the Madison County Sheriff's Department Deputies Joey Butler and Dwayne Moak. The goal is simple: Build Deputy Brad Sullivan a home that can accommodate the physical limitations that have presented themselves as a result of his service to our community two years ago.

We have been blessed with corporate sponsors eager to help us see this through. The Home Builders Association of Jackson (HBAJ) will be coordinating the construction of the home through Kirkland Development, Charter Homes, HouseWorks, and other HBAJ entities.

"This is going to be an expensive project," said Deputy Dwayne Moak. "Not only have the cost of building supplies skyrocketed, but everything in Brad's home will have to be customized, adding expense, so it's important we reach as many people as possible."

That's where you come in. Please, give what you can. Let's build a home for Brad.