Detention Officer Position - Hinds County
Fri, Jan 31, 2020 - Thu, Dec 31, 2020

Position: Detention Officer
Location: Raymond, Jackson Detentions & Work Center
Salary: $2,291.67 per month
Work Hours: All Shifts
Closing Date: Open
Essential Functions: Maintain the safety of detainees; process detainees entering the facility; transport detainees to court; serve meals; supervise detainees during visiting hours; perform daily inspections, etc.

Summary: This is the entry level position within the Detention Officer series. Incumbents initially perform routine duties assigned to positions in this series and work under the supervision of Detention Supervisor. Incumbents are expected to perform the full range of duties as assigned with increasing independence. Supervision is received from Detention Supervisor. 

Examples of Basic Tasks and Duties
- Maintain the safety of detainees at all times, conduct regular check of facilities, and maintain calm and order in facility, conduct cell searches, and strip searches as necessary.
- Process detainees entering the facility, complete appropriate forms and related paperwork, issue clothing, and personal hygiene supplies to detainees as appropriate. Release property as appropriate.
- Transport detainees to court, other agencies, medical appointments and other appearances as necessary.
- Serves meals, assist with medication pass, sick call, and move detainees around the facility as needed.
- Supervise detainees during visiting hours and approve visitors.
- Perform daily inspections, directly supervise detainees in housekeeping duties including washing walls, cleaning toilets and sinks, sweeping and mopping, washing, and folding laundry.
- Performs other duties as assigned.

10 Main Rules of an Officer
- Conduct head counts to ensure that each inmate is present.
- Inspect conditions of locks, window bars, grills, doors, and gates at the Facility to ensure security and help prevent escapes.
- Monitor conduct of inmates in housing unit, or during work or recreational activities, according to established policies, regulations, and procedures, to prevent escape or violence.
- Search Inmates and vehicles and conduct shakedowns of cells for valuables and contraband, such as weapons or drugs. Do a report on findings.
- Maintain records of inmates' identification and charges
- Be fair but firm when performing all job duties.
- Always stay consistent.
- Follow the Policies and Procedures when preforming all job duties.
- Always be professional and practice good work ethics. Perform job duties with pride.
- Exercise the "GOLDEN RULE" treat the inmates like you would want to be treated.

Minimum Qualifications
Must be at least twenty-one years (21) of age High School Diploma or GED equivalent
Possession of a valid Mississippi driver's license

Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol/Polygraph Testing is Required

Submitting Applications: Any interested individual may apply by completing a County Application Online. COUNTY EMPLOYEES may make applications through the Personnel Division, Second Floor, Chancery Court Building. When applying for employment, your application must be in this office by 5:00pm on the closing date mentioned in the job listing.

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